Robert Fishkin – Robert Fishkin, CEO of Reframe It Inc. and Co-Leader of CrowdDoing

I highly recommend Carol as a coach based on the invaluable help she has provided me individually. As someone who has had to lead across virtual, global, international, interlingual, and multidisciplinary communities, Carol’s expertise in navigating institutions and personnel dynamics across cultures has been immensely beneficial.

One of the key challenges I’ve faced is getting stuck or overwhelmed by the innumerable obstacles that arise when working towards an aspirational goal as a systems change leader. Carol has helped me avoid losing sight of the overarching narrative of why we’re here, what we’re transforming, and how we’re getting there, even amidst the day-to-day tribulations. Her coaching provides a powerful antidote to these challenges.

Furthermore, Carol has given me perspective on extending this mindset to others and applying it to myself. She’s helped me find the right balance between building close affinity with my community and managing the finiteness of time and work-life balance in a leadership role.

I’ve greatly appreciated being able to mutually understand Carol’s perspective to a deeper degree through our work together. For any leader striving to drive systemic change, I believe Carol’s coaching can provide the wisdom and outlook needed to persevere and succeed in the face of daunting challenges. I recommend her wholeheartedly.

Vlatka Research Fellow | Consultant Specialist in Circular Economy
Paris, France

Carole is a great team player, thoughtful, and supportive of network development for women in business.

Saskia, Director of Impact | Board Director & Governance Consultant | Radical Collaboration / Systemic Change Do-er I Creative Impact catalyst / Leading Change for Good
Auckland, Auckland, Nouvelle-Zélande

Carole is an exceptional coach who skilfully guided me through complex situations by asking insightful questions in a compassionate manner. Her additional resources also empowered me to enhance my skills further.

Pramila – Certified Scrum Master | Oracle HCM | Peoplesoft | AGILE
Naperville, Illinois, États-Unis

I count myself lucky to be in Carole’s orbit. She is a fierce advocate of women empowerment, diversity, and inclusion. She is insatiable in her pursuit of knowledge and an irresistible executive coach who made a significant impact in my decision-making style. I recommend her without reservation.

Hridya, Digital Marketing and Growth | Project Management | Business Development | Research and Development
Columbia, Caroline du Sud, États-Unis

Working with Carole has been an absolute delight! Her vibrant personality and positive energy are infectious, making each session a joy to attend. She has skillfully guided us through exercises that not only improved our teamwork but also deepened our understanding of each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Thanks to her guidance, our team is now more cohesive and efficient than ever before.

Therese, Impact Advisor/HRBP Sustainability, Impact and Transition
Houston, Texas, États-Unis

Collaborating with Carole for both team building and personal growth has been a truly enriching experience. Her enthusiastic, warm and intuitive coaching style, combined with a diverse toolkit of emotional and practical tools, has made a significant impact. I wholeheartedly recommend Carole for individuals and teams seeking positive change and development.

Manuel, Directeur Conseil Expert I Secteur Public
Paris, France

Carole and I have worked on the development of an innovative product. She has dedicatedly applied her professional qualities to the project. She knows how to bring another point of view and challenge a project to extract the best from it